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Don’t people who went into bankruptcy in trouble with debt repayment wonder how they paid their lawyers fees?

The cost of personal bankruptcy is about 300,000 yen on average.

If you can not pay such a large amount of money, it is an amount of money that makes you uneasy.

Everyone is worried that they may not be able to pay for their own bankruptcy expenses, but more than 97% of those who filed bankruptcy in 2014 requested a lawyer or judicial scrivener.

※ See the 2014 Bankruptcy Case Record Survey

As you can see from this, most people who have no money and are bankrupt are paying lawyers in some way.

So, in this case, when there is no money, I explain in detail how to pay the bankruptcy expenses .

  1. Installment payment (postpay)
  2. Use of law terrace
  3. Convert property to money before bankruptcy proceedings
  4. Use the returned overpayment for expenses
  5. Do your own bankruptcy procedure

We will introduce these five methods mainly.

Which method is best for each person depending on the debt and property situation.

Find the method that works best for you and aim for a non-loss personal bankruptcy procedure.

table of contents

  • The cost of self bankruptcy is at least 300,000 yen! Depending on the person, it costs over 500,000 yen
  • Five Ways to Deal When You Can not Pay a Lawyer’s Fee for Your Own Bankruptcy
    • 1. Consult with a lawyer saying “I want to pay for personal bankruptcy attorneys in installments”
      • Example of payment when legal expenses are paid in installments
    • 2. Get legal fees that can not be paid using the “law terrace”
      • Examination standard to use legal terrace
      • Advantages and disadvantages of self-bankruptcy using the legal terrace
    • 3. Sell the property and pay the attorney’s fee before proceeding with bankruptcy
    • 4. Pay the attorney’s fee for personal bankruptcy with refunded overpayment
    • 5. Make a personal bankruptcy and save your lawyer
  • 【Conclusion】 If you can not pay a lawyer for bankruptcy, consult a lawyer for payment method.

The cost of self bankruptcy is at least 300,000 yen! Depending on the person, it costs over 500,000 yen


At first, the cost for personal bankruptcy was said to be 300,000 yen on average, but it may take more depending on the procedure.

There are three ways to go to bankruptcy, so let’s check.

  • Simultaneous abolition case

    When it is judged that there is no property enough to spend the expenses of 200,000 yen for personal bankruptcy.
    At the same time as the bankruptcy proceedings are initiated, it is called “simultaneous abolition” because the bankruptcy proceedings are abolished.

  • Small money case

    There is a property (house, land, car, etc.) that can spend ¥ 200,000 in bankruptcy procedure costs, and a person who needs to investigate the property, a person who promotes the bankruptcy using a lawyer as an agent.
    People who have a lawyer as an agent who may not be permitted to be exempted from bankruptcy, such as gambling, for reasons for debt.

  • Administration case

    Bankruptcy procedures mainly for corporations.
    Person who has the property that can spend procedure cost 200,000 yen by individual’s own bankruptcy and needs property inspection to pay out to creditors.
    Or, a person who needs to investigate whether self-bankruptcy may allow debt exemption (investigation of non-disclaimer).

If you would like to know more about the contents of the procedure for bankruptcy, please refer to the article “About the procedure for bankruptcy” .

The table below summarizes the market prices for these three methods.

procedure Average cost Cost breakdown
Simultaneous abolition case Around 300,000 yen Lawyer fee 300,000 yen Court fee 15,000 yen
Small money case Around 500,000 yen Lawyer costs 300,000 yen Prepaid money 200,000 yen Court fee 20,000 yen
Administration case Around 500,000 yen Prepayment money 500,000 yen …
Court fee 20,000 yen

With prepayment

The compensation paid to the bankruptcy trustee is referred to as the advance payment (both in advance payment can be paid separately in the Tokyo District Court). In the simultaneous abolition case, no advance payment is necessary because there is no need to investigate the property.

The details of the personal bankruptcy costs are summarized in the article “What is the total cost of personal bankruptcy?”

In this way, a person who has no money to return debt and no property must pay a lawyer fee of 300,000 yen as a simultaneous abolition case.

Also, even if you do not have property, if the cause of debt is gambling or excessive shopping (including stock and FX), it will be treated as a trustee case and it will require a minimum of 500,000 yen .

To be honest, even people who are not in debt can not pay 500,000 yen so easily.

It may be difficult to think about your own bankruptcy, even though you may not be able to pay for lawyers.

But as I mentioned at the beginning, 97% of those who have filed for bankruptcy have asked for a lawyer.

That means there is a way to pay for lawyers even if you are in trouble .

Next, I will introduce one by one how to pay the lawyer’s expenses for personal bankruptcy.

Five Ways to Deal When You Can not Pay a Lawyer’s Fee for Your Own Bankruptcy

Five Ways to Deal When You Can not Pay a Lawyer

If you can not pay the lawyer’s fees immediately for bankruptcy, there are the following five measures.

  1. Consult with a lawyer, “I want to make a separate payment of attorney’s expenses for personal bankruptcy”
  2. Get rid of the legal fees that can not be paid using the “law terrace”
  3. Sell ​​property and pay lawyer’s fee before proceeding with bankruptcy
  4. Pay attorney’s fees for personal bankruptcy with refunded overpayment
  5. Make your own bankruptcy and save your lawyer

Installment payments (postpay) is a payment method that can be made by anyone consulting a lawyer.

Other methods may be used if the conditions apply.

Then, I will explain what the legal expenses are paid in installments and what other terms of use.

If it applies to the condition, the lawyer’s expense may be reduced sharply.

1. Consult with a lawyer saying “I want to pay for personal bankruptcy attorneys in installments”


When you ask a lawyer for a procedure for personal bankruptcy, an average of ¥ 300,000 will be incurred.

However, the breakdown of attorneys’ fees is by each office.

There are two general cost settings:

  • Start fee 300,000 yen + actual cost
  • Start fee 200,000 yen + compensation fee 100,000 yen + actual cost

Start-up money is “the cost to pay for a lawyer to respond regardless of whether or not debt exemption is permitted in the personal bankruptcy procedure” and will not be refunded even if you dismiss the lawyer on the way .

Reward is the lawyer’s expense to pay depending on the degree of success.

Since the starting money is cheap, I asked for it, but after the debt has been exempted in the bankruptcy procedure, you may be required to pay a reward, so make sure to check if the reward is necessary when asking for it.

Furthermore, you may need court expenses, transportation expenses etc. which it took for procedure as the actual expenses.

Example of payment when legal expenses are paid in installments

Example of payment when legal expenses are paid in installments

Below is an example of an attorney’s fee of ¥ 300,000 for personal bankruptcy.

In the example, payment has not started for the period of consultation / request to the lawyer.

Then, let’s look at the following how the lawyer’s expenses (30,000 yen monthly) are generated after the request.

  1. Consultation / request to a lawyer
  2. Attorney sends a notice of acceptance to each creditor
  3. A creditor who receives a notification of acceptance ceases to require reminders by law
  4. When the reminder stops, the repayment also stops!
  5. Pay the lawyer’s expense for the repayment that has been stopped (The money spent on monthly repayment can be used for the attorney’s expense.)

In this way, asking a lawyer will stop the repayment and make it possible to pay the lawyer’s expenses in installments .

The method and amount of the split will vary depending on the required expenses and the income situation of the requested law firm and you.

First of all, it is good to ask a lawyer who is consulting for free, whether or not it is necessary to pay in installments, and how to pay according to you.

Namura Law Office handles both free consultation and installment payments.

If you give up asking to consult with a lawyer, “Because we can not pay for lawyers,” please consult with us once.

2. Get legal fees that can not be paid using the “law terrace”


If you are in the following situation, it may be difficult to split the attorney’s fee.

  • Even if it is installment payment, lawyer’s expense can not be paid
    • My income is very low
    • I have no income
  • The cause of debt became a trust case by gambling etc.
    • There is not enough money to spend bankruptcy proceedings
    • Prepayment (200,000-500,000 yen) can not pay

It is the Japan Legal Support Center Law Terrace established by the country that solves these legal problems.

In the legal terrace, if you have trouble in your life, “If you want to ask a lawyer, there is no lawyer who knows it” or “I can not afford to pay”, legal expert assistance or court fees I am helping.

The specific content of the support is as follows.

  • We can talk for free.
  • The legal terrace will recover the starting fee and cost for the lawyer.
    ※ Refunds can not be redeemed.
  • Monthly expenses of 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen are for the reimbursed expenses.

※ Law terrace is an organization as a window to introduce legal counsels etc. and to replace expenses and provide information about legal problems, and let’s use it after understanding that the law terrace itself does not correspond to legal consultation .

※ See) law terrace

It is attractive because the monthly repayment amount can be considerably reduced when repaying the lawyer’s fees that have been changed in this way.

By the way, it is only the lawyer’s expense that we can consult on the method terrace.

If you are not able to pay the advance payment, please refer to “Payment payment method and how to cope with it” .

Examination standard to use legal terrace

Examination standard to use legal terrace

The law terrace will help you to solve your debt trouble legally.

However, there are strict examinations to support legal fees by the legal terrace.

The examination has the standard of the income and the standard of the property, and it is not possible to receive the expense assistance if the two are not met.

Let’s introduce the two criteria in detail.

The ability (income) standard that expense support of legal terrace can use
  • Applicants’ and spouse’s amount of income from the income meets the standard.
  • The income of the family living with the applicant will be added to the applicant’s income as long as they can contribute to the household budget.


Property (property property) standard that cost support of legal terrace can use
  • If the applicant and spouse have assets such as real estate (excluding home) and securities, the total of the market value, cash and deposits and deposits must meet the standard.
  • If there are expenses such as medical expenses and education expenses to be paid in the future, a considerable amount will be deducted.


Those who meet these criteria may be able to receive cost assistance from the legal terrace.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-bankruptcy using the legal terrace

Advantages and disadvantages of self-bankruptcy using the legal terrace

In terms of attorneys’ fees for personal bankruptcy, there is a law terrace that offers great benefits, but there are also disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-bankruptcy using the legal terrace
  • If the conditions are met, the procedure fee will be replaced by a lawyer etc. and paid.
  • It can be used cheaper than the usual lawyer’s expenses.
  • Consultation on repayment according to the economic situation.
  • The experts introduced from the law terrace are not necessarily the ones they can trust.
  • The legal terrace takes a very long time to use for review, and the bankruptcy proceedings are expected to be prolonged.

If you feel the disadvantage rather than the merit, ask a law office that you want to use instead of having a lawyer or judicial scrivener introduce you from the legal terrace, asking “Can you use the legal terrace?” please look.

Especially in the case of a large law firm, there is a possibility that a lawyer or a judicial scrivener who has a contract with the law terrace is enrolled, so let’s confirm if you decide to ask.

3. Sell the property and pay the attorney’s fee before proceeding with bankruptcy


Second, selling your property and paying for your own bankruptcy.

For example, you may be able to pay a lawyer’s fee if you possess the property corresponding to the following.

  • Funded insurance policy surrender value
  • Sale of owned cars
  • Other valuable items

If you have other assets that you feel are unnecessary for your post-bankruptcy life, you may be able to sell it and spend it on lawyers.

Well, if you sell your property before and after your own bankruptcy, is it not allowing debt relief? It seems that there are people who think that, but it is important what you used for the money you got from disposal.

In personal bankruptcy proceedings, if you dispose of a property of more than ¥ 200,000 in the two years before the application, you must declare it. ※ In the case of insurance surrender value, declaration is necessary regardless of the amount.

If it is determined that the disposition was done for the following purpose, there is a possibility that the debt exemption may not be permitted, or it may be a case for managing property, which was originally a simultaneous abolition case . .

  • Significantly reduced the property to pay out to creditors
  • Purpose to repay only some creditors ※ also includes loan agreement between relatives
  • Discarded for use in gambling and play

There is no problem in that the money obtained by disposal is used for living expenses and personal bankruptcy expenses instead of these purposes.

However, if the gain on sale becomes large and ownership of property over 200,000 yen is recognized in the case of personal bankruptcy, it will be a dividend to creditors and it will be a management case.

Depending on the goods to be sold, the time and the amount of money, there will be the possibility of becoming a trustee case.

We recommend that you always consult with a lawyer if you do not dispose of it yourself.

4. Pay the attorney’s fee for personal bankruptcy with refunded overpayment

While preparing for a bankruptcy proceeding, you may find that overpayments exist.

In such a case, it may be possible to make an overpayment refund request before the personal bankruptcy and to use the returned overpayment for payment of attorneys’ fees, living expenses, and non-payment taxes.

However, after filing for bankruptcy, if it is known that there is an overpayment, it will be used for dividends to the creditors, and it will become a trust case for property investigation.

Be sure to check for overpayment before bankruptcy.

If you have a debt that you started borrowing before 2007, you may be able to claim an overpayment!

If you have a long-term debt, be sure to consult a lawyer.

Please refer to the article “The Overpayment Scheme” for details on the overpayment refund request system and the points to be asked when asking a lawyer.

5. Make a personal bankruptcy and save your lawyer

In the case of a personal fund case, proceeding with a lawyer as an agent can save up to ¥ 300,000 in advance paid to the court.

Procedure of simultaneous abolition case becomes bankrupt when application documents submitted are accepted, and case is closed when we obtain disclaimer permission.

In other words, you can go into bankruptcy if you only have documents.

It seems that there is no need to ask a lawyer until you pay 300,000 yen.

But in fact, asking a lawyer is a big advantage.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of doing personal bankruptcy individually.

merit The cost is very cheap
Only procedure fee of about 15,000 yen paid to the court
  • There are a lot of necessary documents at the time of petition
    Property list (passbook, salary statement, retirement statement, car verification, and other documents that prove the value of property), 2 months’ household account book before filing, list of creditors (all items must be completely stated), etc.
  • Reminders and repayments do not stop while collecting documents
    While asking for a lawyer will immediately stop the proviso and repayment, if you go into bankruptcy yourself, there will be no cessation or repayment while collecting the documents.
  • Depending on the situation, it may not be simultaneously abolished but it will be a trust case

※ Refer to the description and writing about self bankruptcy

In comparison, when asking a lawyer, it turns out that there is a great advantage that the prompting and repayment will stop immediately.

Furthermore, as introduced at the beginning, in actual bankruptcy proceedings (the simultaneous abolition in 2014, administration case), 85% of the total was asked to be a lawyer as an agent.

Thirteen percent of those who asked a judicial scrivener. Only 2% of individuals have filed procedures.

As this figure proves , doing personal bankruptcy proceedings to save lawyers costs is highly discouraged.

In addition, in the simultaneous abolition case where debt exemption is permitted, it is possible to request a judicial scrivener to prepare necessary documents if the application documents are prepared and submitted.

It can be said that whether you go to an individual to save costs or ask a low-risk lawyer or a judicial scrivener depends on what you consider to be bankruptcy.

Earth Law Office (First time consultation free of charge) if you want to consult about personal bankruptcy

【Conclusion】 If you can not pay a lawyer for bankruptcy, consult a lawyer for payment method.

【Conclusion】 If you can not pay a lawyer for bankruptcy, consult a lawyer for payment method.

Self-bankruptcy is a debt consolidation method that allows you to chase all your current debt and get a chance to start your life again.

While worrying that you can not pay for your own bankruptcy, your debt and arrears will increase.

Such a situation is an issue that should be resolved quickly for both you and the creditor.

This time, we introduced five ways to pay lawyers’ fees for personal bankruptcy.

Although you can go into bankruptcy yourself without relying on a lawyer, it is very difficult to prepare your documents while repaying your debt.

It would be a good idea to ask a lawyer for the cost.

Most law firms offer free consultations, so firstly ask your lawyer what payment options are available.


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Mixed loan grouping

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It should be noted, however, that the buyback of mixed Baron Munchausen does not benefit from the 1% rate on housing or the 0% interest rate.

And to enlighten you a bit more in your efforts, we can refer you to Baron Munchausen professionals, who will be happy to advise you in your purchase of Baron Munchausen. For that, you just have to make a simulation of repurchase of mortgage on our site.

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New provisions for consumer credit reform are already in place: they aim to favor the depreciable credit at the expense of revolving credit, more expensive and more complex for the consumer borrower. As soon as the new decrees come into force, it will be the amount of the loans, and it alone, that will make it possible to fix the loan attrition rate, that is to say the maximum interest rate applicable by the banks. for each category of credits. Three new categories should emerge:

Loans of less than or equal to 3,000 euros;
loans of more than 3,000 euros and less than or equal to 6,000 euros;
loans of more than 6,000 euros.

As a result, usury rates should become the same for both depreciable and revolving loans.

In addition, in order to favor the choice of the amortizing credit rather than the revolving credit, the lender will henceforth be obliged to offer both borrowing possibilities to his clients, as long as the amount borrowed exceeds € 1,000.

The repayment term should also be regulated according to these new loan categories: a new decree provides that “an outstanding amount of less than 3,000 euros on a revolving credit must be repaid in less than 36 months and in less than 60 months for an outstanding amount of more than 3,000 euros “. This aims to reduce the duration of consumer debt and to reduce the risk of over-indebtedness.

The reform of consumer credit comprises a total of 14 decrees and 4 decrees, all of which will enter into force on 1 May 2011. But a transitional period of two years is planned for a gradual implementation of this reform, in order to facilitate the adaptation of market players. For consumers who want to dispose of loans deemed too expensive, there is always the possibility of considering the purchase of credits: this restructuring will allow them to reduce the amount of their monthly payments, to gain more flexibility for their budget, while allowing them to liquidate their revolving credits.


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In times of crisis, unfortunately, the state of insolvency is a spectrum that often looms over corporate realities. Fortunately, the legislator has provided a series of alternatives to which the sole proprietorship or the company may resort and which allow for more serious and sad epilogues (for example bankruptcy) to be averted.
In this complete guide on the arrangement with creditors I explain how it works, what it means agreed “in continuity” and “liquidation” agreement, the foreseen procedure, the necessary documents to present to the Court to appeal, the role of the creditors and the approval phase and finally how to propose a “blank” concordat.

What it is and how it works

What it is and how it works

The agreement with creditors is an alternative instrument that can invoke the company in crisis to avoid bankruptcy. It is practically an agreement with creditors, aimed at both satisfying their claims and, at the same time, trying to heal the business situation.
This instrument, which is part of the so-called bankruptcy proceedings, therefore has a double advantage:
For the entrepreneur, who can avoid the sad end of failure;
For creditors (suppliers, employees, tax authorities, etc.), who in any case have the opportunity to satisfy their claims, without having to activate the bankruptcy procedure.
Avoiding bankruptcy can be beneficial to both parties. Among other things, it must be emphasized that the entrepreneur cannot oblige the creditors to accept the agreement, he can only propose it: the creditors will then evaluate the convenience and decide whether to accept or reject the agreement.
The arrangement with creditors is therefore a debt payment plan, which establishes the entrepreneur and offers it to creditors. This recovery plan may include:
The sale of company assets;
The assignment of shares, quotas, bonds or other financial products to creditors;
Other extraordinary instruments aimed at satisfying claims.

How it happens
The assumption that the procedure begins is the state of crisis of the company and its consequent difficulty in paying its debts regularly. To avoid a future and sad disarray, the entrepreneur can appeal to the Court to demand the subjection to the preventive agreement (art. 161 bankruptcy law). The court to appeal to is the court of the place where the company has its main office.
The appeal must be presented by the entrepreneur in the case of a sole proprietorship; while in the case of a company by the legal representative (after the decision to use the arrangement has been approved by the assembly). 

Necessary documents
The entrepreneur, in addition to the request for admission to the arrangement, must present to the Court:
Report of an expert confirming the accuracy of company entries and the concreteness of the proposal (Article 161 Bankruptcy Law); such a professional is usually an accountant or a lawyer or an auditor;
Financial statements of the company from which the economic and patrimonial situation of the company is accurately deduced;
Estimated report of all assets and all company credits;
List of all creditors and holders of real rights in the company;
List of all the assets of the entrepreneur (in the case of sole proprietorship or partners with unlimited liability).
The Court then, meeting in council, checks the formal regularity of the request and, through a specific decree (not subject to complaint) admits the company to the arrangement procedure. Otherwise he rejects it.

The judicial commissioner, based on the accounting records of the company, identifies the creditors (employees, suppliers, tax authorities, etc.) and calls them by post. It therefore prepares an information note that will be useful to creditors to evaluate the proposal.

With the decree of the Court, the phase opens where the main actors are the creditors. The decree is in fact not immediately enforceable: the proposal of the company is subject to the scrutiny of the latter, they have the decision to approve or not the proposed agreement.

This brings us to the day of the creditors’ meeting. In addition to the judge, the judicial commissioner and the debtor participate. Creditors are asked to discuss the entrepreneur’s proposal and, here, they can also make changes to the proposed plan. Finally we proceed with the vote: the arrangement is approved by the majority of the creditors (in proportion to the credits claimed) (art. 177 I paragraph L. Bankruptcy).
If, on the other hand, the majority does not approve the agreement, the court declares the bankruptcy of the company, at the request of the PM or creditors. The entrepreneur may however appeal the decision before the Court of Appeal (art.184 Law L. Bankruptcy).

Once the agreement has been approved, the most concrete phase opens: the Court, with a specific decree, approves the proposed arrangement with creditors (art. 180 Bankruptcy Law). The agreement is then implemented: the assets are sold, eventual liquidators are appointed, quotas or shares are granted, in short, everything that the entrepreneur’s proposal provides for satisfying creditors is implemented.

If it is discovered that the company has concealed, committed intent or fraud, hidden assets or assets or simulated greater debts, the court may revoke the arrangement with creditors.

In continuity
The legislation does not provide for the definition of a continuation agreement with creditors, however it is quite easy to deduce it: it is the agreement approved in view of a business continuation, in order to restore the accounts and restart the activity with new force (art.186- bis L. Bankruptcy Law). On the other hand, this is precisely the main purpose of the agreement: to protect not only the creditors, but also the business activity and to prevent the phantom of bankruptcy.
Therefore, the company resumes full business operations, in compliance with the agreement and the ordinary and extraordinary administration criteria defined by the arrangement. If during the rehabilitation phase, the company does not obtain the desired results or in any case follows a manifest damage to the creditors, the court replaces the creditors and revokes the arrangement.

Blank or with reserve
To speed up the process, the entrepreneur can file an agreement request in court and present only a part of the documents (Article 161 co. 6-10 L.Fall.). The remaining documentation may present it later.
This agreement request is called “blank” or “with reservation” or better still “booking” and allows the entrepreneur to immediately apply (precisely, book it), but take the appropriate time to draft the proposal and recover all necessary documents (expert report, financial statements, etc.).

Depending on the indications of the Court, the company must present the remaining documentation within 60 or 120 or 180 days.

The law is particularly in favor of the agreement with business continuity. However, the legislator must also provide for those cases in which the continuation of the activity is no longer possible. In agreement it has liquidation purposes when the entrepreneur or the partners, after having satisfied the creditors, have no more intention to continue the activity or however there are not the conditions.
In this case, the company can still make use of the arrangement procedure (and thus avoid the most serious bankruptcy) but only if it can ensure the payment of at least 20% of the unsecured creditors (Article 160, paragraph 4, Law Fall .). In this case, the arrangement usually involves the transfer of the company assets and the disposal of the entire company assets in order to satisfy the creditors.

When the arrangement is liquidation, the agreement must contain:
An analytical description of company assets; therefore the expert’s report plays a very important role;
The precise indication of times and methods of transfer of the goods;
Also in this case, the creditors are asked to discuss the proposal before the judge and to vote in favor or not. In the case of a majority of favorable votes, the Court concurrently with the approval decree shall appoint one or more liquidators who oversee the procedure for the disposal of company assets.

The content of the agreement is very important: it can provide that the entrepreneur sells his goods and then distributes the proceeds to the creditors or, more precisely, that he sells his assets but also commits himself with certain sums and times. In the first case, therefore, if the creditors accept, the entrepreneur is freed with the sale of the goods alone and the arrangement cannot be canceled, even if the creditors are not satisfied. In the second case instead, if the agreement provided for precise times and sums, the unsatisfied creditor can obtain the resolution of the arrangement. And therefore to make the company go through more serious procedures, such as bankruptcy.



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Credit despite running credit – a common occurrence

Credit despite running credit - a common occurrence

The credit despite running credit is not a special case, it is the normal state. Most people have a checking account and a credit card. At the end of the month, the checking account for many employees has slipped into the red. Nevertheless, with the credit card in the internet something ordered. The case of a loan has already occurred despite an already existing loan.

Even with large loan amounts, it is not uncommon to have to serve multiple installment loans at the same time. The classic case is house building. Real estate loans often run over an extremely long period. Within the repayment period for the house, the homeowner nevertheless creates a different vehicle from time to time. Usually cars are not financed by the savings alone, but additionally by credit.

How many loans a person receives at the same time depends solely on personal creditworthiness.

Assess the personal creditworthiness correctly


A credit despite running credit becomes possible by the good personal credit rating. The creditworthiness of the individual is related to various factors. First and foremost the credit criteria are the earned income. The credit points may be based on the type of income, amount and employer. The security of labor income is another important point of evaluation. In addition, the credit rating increases due to created property values.

Payment obligations have a negative effect on the credit rating. The creditworthiness is lost at the latest when repayment difficulties reveal. A negative Schufa entry already suffices for the complete loss of credit for normal lending. In addition, the attachment exemption limit plays a role. Only the difference between the net income and the seizure limit is available for installment payments.

Suppose this amount is 500 euros. Thus, five different loan commitments of 100 euros or one installment loan of 500 euros can be paid. Apart from a small difference in interest rates, there is no difference between the two credit constellations. There is scope for another loan until the credit rating reaches its limits.

Additional credit for credit problems

Additional credit for credit problems

In the case of existing credit problems, in principle two ways out are possible. On the one hand, additional collateral can be offered. It would be conceivable a guarantee statement of a solvent guarantor or the pledging of insurance collateral. The alternative can be a provider change. Not every credit provider sets the same standard of valuation for lending.

Good chances to be creditworthy again due to a change of provider offer the offers of reputable credit intermediaries and personal loans. Probably the cheaper alternative that can be used for free is the loan, despite the ongoing loan from private investors. Private investors are often much more willing to take risks than commercial providers.

Make a non-binding loan request now

Make a non-binding loan request now


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Ideal for existing loans


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A Way to Avoid the Need to Repay Debts That Have Taken Over http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/24/a-way-to-avoid-the-need-to-repay-debts-that-have-taken-over/ http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/24/a-way-to-avoid-the-need-to-repay-debts-that-have-taken-over/#respond Sun, 24 Feb 2019 14:46:38 +0000 http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/24/a-way-to-avoid-the-need-to-repay-debts-that-have-taken-over/


Many will be troubled as they become debt guarantees for family and friends. http://momentodada.com for further clarification

Even though I became a guarantor by believing in the words, “Because I will not bother you absolutely” , I think that it will be full of feelings from now on when the bill arrives.

The joint guarantor has the same obligation to repay the debtor and is charged to the joint guarantor if the primary debtor runs away or does not repay.

Unfortunately, the guarantor is in a position that can not refuse the claim for debt.

Well, that’s not to say if you have to pay for a debt, you have to keep paying until you pay off.

There is a system in which the joint guarantor is not required to repay the debt if the debt meets the conditions for becoming statute of limitations.

That is the use of prescription .

The joint guarantor can claim the use of the statute, even if the joint guarantor meets the conditions or the primary obligor meets the conditions.

If you become a joint guarantor and you are having trouble repaying your debt, let’s check if the conditions for your debt fall into prejudice.

Consultation of debt-based prescription aid to Avance Legal Office

table of contents

  • Reconfirm the position of the guarantor! Being a guarantor is the same as carrying a debt
    • If you become a joint guarantor, there is a repayment obligation and you can not refuse to repay the debt
    • Common question about repayment obligation of joint surety
  • Debt owed by a joint guarantor is no longer obligated to repay by means of prepayment
    • Aging completion conditions in case the joint guarantor uses debt aging
    • The joint guarantor can use the statute of limitations even if the principal obligor satisfies the conditions
      • It is important to prove that the debt of the main debtor was not approved
  • A condition that the joint guarantor can not use the limitation “period for suspension of limitation”
    • The effect of the suspension of debt settlement is more severe for joint guarantors
      • If the principal obligor approves the debt after the expiration of the prescription, the joint guarantor can invoke the prescription
    • There may be cases where a joint guarantor is required to make a judicial bill, not the main debtor
      • Even if a ruling is made against a joint guarantor, debt can not be paid if the debtor’s prescription is used
  • If the joint guarantor applies the prepayment of the main debt to an expert (lawyer, judicial scrivener)
  • [Summary] The debt that took over will be released from the joint guarantor by using the prescription

Reconfirm the position of the guarantor! Being a guarantor is the same as carrying a debt

Reconfirm the position of the guarantor! Being a guarantor is the same as carrying a debt

Joint guarantee contracts are the contract method adopted by “rental contract”, “scholarship loan”, “bank loan”, “dark gold”, etc.

As the lender (creditor), if the debtor can not pay, the joint guarantor can make a claim, so a guarantee contract that raises the probability of repayment is an effective means.

People who become a guarantor are often relatives (parents, children, brothers, uncles, etc.) and friends.

There are some who have become counselors after being consulted and then become guarantors, but there are also those who have become guarantors without thinking as follows.

  • I have not received a detailed explanation of the joint guarantee contract
  • I signed and sealed without thinking deeply because I thought I would return
  • I wanted to avoid the deterioration of the relationship and for now I agreed
  • “Lend me only my name” was said
  • I had become a guarantor before I knew it

If you become a joint guarantor, you will have to repay when the debtor can not repay it.

If you become a joint guarantor, there is a repayment obligation and you can not refuse to repay the debt

Let’s look specifically at what kind of contract it will be when you become a guarantor.

“Creditor and Debtor” and “Creditor and Joint Guarantor” have different contracts.

  • Debtor’s debt = main debt contract
  • Debt guaranteed by the joint and surety = guaranteed debt agreement

To be a joint and several guarantor can be considered as having made a debt contract that requires repayment, rather than contracting for the debt of the main debtor.

Furthermore, the joint guarantor can not refuse repayment to the creditor.

Feature Details
There is no right to defend the claim A creditor can make a claim to a favorite person whether he / she is a debtor or a joint guarantor.
If the principal obligor fails to repay, the joint guarantor has no right to demand “Pay the principal obligor before me” even if the creditor requests it.
There is no defense of search Even though the principal debtor has the ability to repay, even if the joint guarantor is charged earlier , there is no right to demand that “the principal debtor has the money to repay, so claim for it”.
There is no benefit of sorting Even if you guarantee the main debt 10 million yen with a joint guarantor of four people, it is not a guarantee of 2.5 million yen per person, but there is an obligation to repay each 10 million yen repayment completion.
Even if you return 2.5 million yen per person, you will be charged as long as debt remains.

As you can see from these facts, if it is determined that the main debtor can not repay or the creditor can not collect it, the joint guarantor can not even have the right to refuse even if the request is made.

Common question about repayment obligation of joint surety

If the principal debtor dies, will the joint guarantor have a repayment obligation? If the principal debtor dies, the joint guarantor must repay the debt in full. What happens if I receive an invoice but can not contact the principal debtor himself? Even if the principal debtor can not reach without repayment, the joint guarantor is obliged to respond to the request from the creditor. What happens if you leave your debt without paying back? Debt will not be lost until the joint guarantor or the debtor pays off. Is there a way to get rid of the debt that the guarantor bears? There is! If you clear the conditions, you can give up the obligation to repay the debt by “prejudice-in-aid”.

Debt owed by a joint guarantor is no longer obligated to repay by means of prepayment


When a guarantor receives a request from a creditor, the process and the contents of the transaction are up to that point.

“In the past, I have been a guarantor of acquaintance’s debt, and suddenly a proviso is received for many years. I have not been in contact with acquaintance for a long time.”

“I became a guarantor for children’s scholarships, but from the beginning of my return, I have not been a child but my parents have always returned.”

In this way, if the debtor himself has been in debt for a long time, it may be in the process of settling the debt.

If you use the extinct prescription which declares to the creditor (lender) that “I have no intention to repay this debt because the prescription is completed”, even a joint guarantor will not have to pay back There is a possibility.

However, the conditions must be met in order to invoke the prescription.

Aging completion conditions in case the joint guarantor uses debt aging

The use of prescriptions is described in Article 145 of the Civil Code.

With the Civil Code Article 145 (Invocation of Prescription)

Even if objective facts indicate that the completion of the prescription is complete, the court can not make a trial based on the prescription on its own. It is necessary for the parties to express their intention to benefit from the prescription.

※ Notes and references) ※ Some of the borrowers think that “I would like to return the money I borrowed even if the term is fixed,” and the obligation to repay the debt disappears unless the borrower applies the extinct term from him. There is no way of thinking.

In order to complete the use of this extinct aging, there are four conditions that can not be recognized as satisfying all, so let’s confirm.

  • Debt period specified in the Civil Code has passed
  • I have never “approved for debt” (I have not made some repayments or requests for payment suspension)
  • No claims have been made by the creditors (the court has not received a ruling)
  • Indicate to the creditor (lender) the intention to use the prescription

Please check the following article for more detailed conditions, such as the term of debt settlement.

Debt Aging Method! Comment on the conditions for establishing the statute, the notification method, and the cost of supporting the extinct statute of limitations

Even if a debt is a guarantor, you can use the prescription if the guarantor satisfies the above conditions.

However, if the debtor is approving the debt or if the legal request has been made, the statute will be suspended, so care should be taken.

If the debt is clearly overdue, it may be better to consider it with the aid of aging.

The joint guarantor can use the statute of limitations even if the principal obligor satisfies the conditions

Aging can be used if the joint guarantor meets the conditions that can be used for aging.

Not only that, even if the conditions for completion of the primary debtor’s prescription are met, the joint guarantor can use the primary debtor’s prescription.

If the debtor of the main debtor is lost, the obligation for repayment by the joint guarantor will also disappear.

This is because the joint guarantor has the right to invoke the limitation.

With the right of limitation

Judging whether it is a party (the right holder) according to the general standard “right to directly benefit from the prescription.” Those who have the right are limited to obligors, joint debtors, guarantors and joint guarantors and are recognized as those who are exempt from debt repayment obligations. The joint guarantor who can directly obtain the benefit (abandon repayment obligation) by using the prepayment of the debt of the main debtor is the person who is the prepayment of the main debt.

Even if the joint guarantor continues to repay debts, it is considered as not “approval of debt” if the debtor himself has not paid back.

However, if the joint guarantor uses the prepayment of the main debtor, he or she must prove to the creditor that the main debtor did not have “debt approval” or “judicial claim / judgment”.

Let’s hold down the points that should be taken care of as a solidarity guarantor.

It is important to prove that the debt of the main debtor was not approved

When repaying your debt, there will be few people who are directly visiting the creditor and making repayments.

Depending on the type of debt, from the perspective of the creditors, such as repayments on ATMs and transfer forms, it is not important who is repaying, so even if the joint guarantor repays, it does not know.

Even if the joint guarantor repays instead, it can not be proved that the main debtor’s “debt approval” has not been shown unless he / she shows the fact.

  • Solidarity guarantor who is missing the main debtor and repaying on normal request
  • Solidarity guarantor who has been judged in trial and continues to repay
  • Solidarity guarantor who has been replacing children’s scholarship for many years

For those who fall under these conditions, it is recommended to leave a “transfer statement” or the like that proves that the joint guarantor repays , so as not to impede the use of the primary debtor’s prescription.

A condition that the joint guarantor can not use the limitation “period for suspension of limitation”

The conditions under which the joint guarantor can use the prescription include “the case has not been filed by the creditor in court” and “the case has not been approved for debt”.

In other words, if you are legally requested or have a debt approval, you will not be able to use the statute of limitations.

These two actions is called the aging interruption reason, when the aging interruption events observed progression of aging is reset, we further aging period will be extended.

Debt approval
  • Partial payment
    I paid back even a small amount of debt
  • Request for payment suspension
    We negotiated on the premise of the intention of repayment, such as being able to return if we wait until the bonus
  • Indication of repayment intention
    They asked for their intention to return, and specifically told the monthly repayment amount.

If the approval of the debt is obtained as in the above example, then the aging period is reset and extended for 5 years.
※ It is considered as repayment intention Ali even after the expiration period.

Court claims Creditors conduct lawsuits and payment reminders through the courts.
In that case, the prescription will be extended for 5 years.
In addition, if the court’s decision is ruled out in this way, the debt statute will be extended to 10 years from the date of the decision and forced enforcement (such as property seizure) will take place.

In fact, the effects and results of the two are different depending on whether the main debtor has a cessation of statute of limitations or the joint guarantor.

The effect of the suspension of debt settlement is more severe for joint guarantors

In fact, the effects brought about each other are different depending on whether the main debtor has suspended the statute of limitations or the joint guarantor.

First look at the table below.

  Main debt Guaranteed debt
Debt approval Approved by the principal debtor Aging is suspended Aging is suspended
Guarantor approves Aging does not stop
※ (Major 12.11.2)
Aging is suspended
Court claims Request to the main debtor Aging is suspended Prescription is suspended ※ Civil Law Article 457
Request to guarantor Prescription is suspended ※ Civil Article 458 · 434 Article Aging is suspended

※ Civil law Article 457 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・The request for one person) is also effective against other joint and several obligors * Large format 12.11.2 … even if the guarantor approves the debt or repays a part of the debt There is no interruption in the prepayment of the main debt. The suspension of the indemnity of the guarantee obligation is effective for the main debt only in the court case.

Basically, if either the primary debtor or the joint surety falls under the suspension period, both periods will be suspended.

However, it can be seen that the progress of the statute of the primary debtor is not interrupted if it is seen only when the guarantor has approved the debt.

In other words, even if the joint guarantor repays the debt, the statute of the main debtor continues to progress, and it is possible to use the statute of imposition as the statute of limitations passes.

On the contrary, if the main debtor makes a partial reimbursement near the completion of the prescription or displays the intention to repay, the progress of the statute of solidarity guarantor will be reset and extended, so the use of the main debtor in the mediation aid It is very important to check if the debt has not been approved.

If the principal obligor approves the debt after the expiration of the prescription, the joint guarantor can invoke the prescription

He explained that the statute of limitations will be suspended if the cessation of statute falls under either, except when the joint surety has approved the debt.

However, the situation is different if there is “Debt approval” after the expiration of the detention period.

If the main debtor repays the debt or indicates the intention to repay after the statute of limitations has already passed, the main debtor will lose the statute of incorporation aid but the joint custodian’s statute of incorporation aid will not be lost Hmm.

  Main debt Guaranteed debt
The main debtor approved the debt after the expiration period I lose the right to invoke the prescription I do not lose the right of limitation

In other words, the joint guarantor is able to use the prescription.

Before and after the expiration, please be aware that the impact of debt approval is different.

There may be cases where a joint guarantor is required to make a judicial bill, not the main debtor

The proceedings of the statute are reset and extended when the complaint and payment reminder documents arrive from the court, but the results will vary depending on the target person (the main debtor or the joint surety) if a decision is made by this request.

Target of judgment Main debt Guaranteed debt
Main debtor The aging process is reset, and the aging period is extended to 10 years. The aging process is reset, and the aging period is extended to 10 years.
joint guarantor The progress of the prescription does not stop.
It is said that the extension of the prescription for the guarantee debt does not affect the maturity of the main debt.
The aging process is reset, and the aging period is extended to 10 years.

Depending on the creditors, it may be determined that the joint surety is more repayable than the main obligor, and may make a legal request against the joint surety rather than the main obligor.

In such a case, the joint guarantor will be obliged to repay on behalf of the principal debtor.

However, the detention of the main debtor does not stop.

※ Because it is an answer in light of past judicial precedents and court cases, it is not defined in the Civil Code, so the possibility of being changed in the future is not zero.

In this way, there may be different patterns when the primary debtor can use the prescription and the joint guarantor can use the prescription.

Even if a ruling is made against a joint guarantor, debt can not be paid if the debtor’s prescription is used

If a ruling is made against a joint guarantor, the period of detention will be extended by 10 years.

However, there is no problem as long as the main debtor satisfies the conditions that can be used for the statute of limitations.

The joint guarantor has the right to invoke the prepayment of the main debtor, so by using the prepayment of the main debtor, both the main debtor and the guarantor will lose debt.

If the joint guarantor applies the prepayment of the main debt to an expert (lawyer, judicial scrivener)


If you use your own debt as a prejudice, you will immediately be able to see if there is a “debt approval” or “judicial claim”.

However, there are a lot of problems that must be cleared in order for the joint guarantor to use the debt of the main debtor as an aid.

  • Does the main debtor who can not be contacted do the act which corresponds to the cessation of prescription limitation once?
  • Was the request document (complaint and payment reminder) not received from the court under the main debtor?
  • Is the period for which the principal obligor’s debt has been fixed has definitely passed?

If you want to use the prescription as a joint guarantee, ask a legally authorized professional (lawyer, judicial scrivener).

As the work content and the charge for the lawyer and the judicial scrivener are different, please choose the one that matches and consult.

Judicial scrivener
Business content Acting on the same date for debts of ¥ 1,400,000 or less.
You can create and mail a notice of support for prescription in the name of a judicial scrivener, and you can also search for completion of prescription and interact with a creditor.
If it has developed into a lawsuit with a creditor, there is a proxy right up to the simple trial.
※ About self-bankruptcy and personal reproduction, only document making agency right
usage fee 30,000-40,000 yen for one company
If there are two or more companies, 20,000 to 30,000 per company
Business content Be able to represent the work required for all prepayments.
It is possible to cope with the failure to use the prepayment, resulting in debt consolidation, personal bankruptcy, etc.
usage fee 30,000-80,000 yen ※ The amount of money varies depending on the content and lawyer to request

In this way, they do all the complex research and document exchange on their behalf.

The cost is not too high, so it is recommended that you consult a specialist if you want to use a prescription.
※ In the case of administrative scriveners, they have a proxy only for writing documents, so they can be effective and cost-effective if conditions for completion of aging are met.

[Summary] The debt that took over will be released from the joint guarantor by using the prescription


Finally, I tried to summarize the points about the co-guarantor’s use of prejudice.

  • The joint guarantor is obliged to repay in the same way as the principal debtor.
  • It is possible that the joint guarantor will not have to repay the debt if the prescription is used.
  • There are conditions for the main debtor and the joint guarantor to invoke the prescription.
  • Since the joint guarantor has the right to use the primary debtor’s statute of limitations, the primary debtor’s statute of limitations can be used to abolish his obligation to repay debts.
  • Be careful about the suspension of detention.

For those who have been repaying debts in place of the main debtor over the long term, and those who have suddenly received a request for debt that became a joint guarantor many years ago, the statute of the main debtor is completed There is a possibility that you should consult with a lawyer, judicial scrivener or other specialist.

The Avance Legal Office is a good choice if you want to consult about the prepayment of debt.


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The Loan for Restructuring Is a Particular Type of Financing http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/23/the-loan-for-restructuring-is-a-particular-type-of-financing/ http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/23/the-loan-for-restructuring-is-a-particular-type-of-financing/#respond Sat, 23 Feb 2019 15:26:16 +0000 http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/23/the-loan-for-restructuring-is-a-particular-type-of-financing/




The restructuring bonus

The restructuring bonus

One of the bonuses confirmed for this year again is a tax deduction of 50% on the expenses incurred for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work, with a maximum cost for each housing unit of € 96,000. Restructuring interventions may concern: Learn more at vivrele.net

ordinary maintenance, specifically building interventions concerning repair, renovation and replacement of building finishes and those necessary to integrate or maintain existing technological systems;

extraordinary maintenance, which includes the works and modifications necessary to renovate and replace structural parts of the buildings, implement and integrate the sanitary and technological services, as long as they do not alter the volumes and surfaces of the individual buildings and do not involve modifications destinations of use;
building renovation, demolition and reconstruction interventions that include the restoration or replacement of some building constituents, in addition to the elimination, modification and insertion of new elements and installations.

To take advantage of the restructuring bonus can be both the owners, and those who have the usufruct of a dwelling, therefore also the tenant: in essence, those who supported the expense, attested by a “talking” transfer. It is necessary to communicate the jobs to ENEA, with a rapid procedure but to which pay close attention, because it will be the only one able to get the benefits.

The deductions on mutual restructuring

Often a loan is used to support the renovation work, which exactly as for a mortgage whose purpose is the purchase of a home, will be entitled to tax deductions on interest expense. However, there are some limits to be taken into account.

First of all, the tax deduction is up to interest on the part of the loan actually used. It is therefore necessary to document the expenses incurred for the works, because the benefit will not be paid on the interest that relates to the part of the loan exceeding the amount of the restructuring costs.

The loan agreement must be stipulated by the person who will have ownership of the real estate unit by way of property or other real right. Furthermore, the Revenue Agency, with a document dated 28 April 2018, emphasizes that the building unit that is being built or renovated must be the one in which the tax payer or his family members intend to dwell habitually.

With regards to timing, the loan must be stipulated in the six months preceding or eighteen months following the date of commencement of the construction work.

In the event of a mixed-use mortgage, first home and renovation (or construction of a building), the double deduction will be due only in the duration of the works, from the beginning until the following six months.

How to find the best mutual restructuring

How to find the best mutual restructuring

 The duration of a mutual restructuring varies from 5 to 30 years, it can be at a fixed, variable or mixed rate and with a maximum loan-to-value of 80%. To find the best solution it is necessary to compare the offers, using a comparator like MutuiOnline.it and the service dedicated to those who intend to turn on a mortgage, in terms of information, calculations, forecasts and prospectus on the market for the best deals.


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Simulation Buy Back Credit http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/21/simulation-buy-back-credit/ http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/21/simulation-buy-back-credit/#respond Thu, 21 Feb 2019 11:38:55 +0000 http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/21/simulation-buy-back-credit/


It is not uncommon today that people have recourse to a request for purchase of consumption Baron Munchausens for multiple reasons and especially to improve their budget. Different solutions are then offered through loan comparison sites.

Why make a request to buy a consumer loan?

Why make a request to buy a consumer loan?

Consolidation of consumer loans is becoming commonplace today.

In fact, people are increasingly in need of Baron Munchausens to make purchases of goods, to bail out their bank accounts or to pay other debts.

As a result, they sometimes accumulate loans and repayments become more and more difficult.

To avoid that they are found with too much overdrafts or with monthly payments rejected, they can choose to make a request for repurchase of consumer Baron Munchausen.

Thus, after study and if their application is accepted, their deadlines will be lower as the amount of interest that will be added to this loan that will become unique, but will be repaid over a longer period.

However, they will feel liberated and better at the level of their finances since they will have more financial means to live decently.

How to find a buy back of conso loan?

How to find a buy back of conso loan?

Internet users first have the opportunity to visit comparison sites made available to them.
Thanks to this process, which is useful, serious and adapted to everyone’s needs, they get free answers via quotes from partners of the site they will visit.

They will then be able to compare the offers made to them and choose the one that best matches what they are looking for, taking into account their own resources and monthly expenses. The answers that will be given to them will be quite fast.

What are the benefits of a Baron Munchausen redemption simulation?

Comparison sites allow through their simulator buyback Baron Munchausen consumption to obtain policy answers completely free.

Borrowers are fortunate to be able to apply from home or work without having to travel and this saves money and time.

In addition, the interest rates may vary and be revised downward which will reduce the total amount that will still be repayable to the lender.

What conditions must be fulfilled?

To be able to make a request to buy loans on comparator sites, you have to be solvent, which means that the borrower must have a salary and other possible income every month.

Also, it should not be banned banking that is to say it should not be filed with the Bank of France. Otherwise, it is almost certain that the grouping of loans will be refused regardless of the Baron Munchausenor he chooses and he will only have to apply for an over-indebtedness file with the Banque de France.

What documents must be provided?

The borrower will have the obligation to justify his resources and expenses.

He will have to send a copy of his identity papers, his tax notice, his pay slips and he will have to present the deadlines of the various Baron Munchausens in repayment.

Other documents may be requested by the lender.

It is from the moment when the Baron Munchausenor will have all the elements, that he will be able to make his calculations and answer him. It is however essential that it does not exceed thirty-three per cent of the legal debt ratio.

Who can go through a comparator of repurchase of Baron Munchausen conso?

They are accessible to everyone, especially people who have subscribed to several Baron Munchausens and who wish to have only one to repay.

Nevertheless, it is mandatory not to hide anything from the prospective lender and not to lie either. If these conditions are not met and if the consolidation is granted, it may become obsolete and this would cause big problems for the borrower.

He would then have the obligation to repay his loans without being able to reduce his monthly payments. The comparison sites are really well done and complete. They allow everyone to perform simulations without any commitment and completely free.



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Credit for Tax Debts Providers That Really Help http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/06/credit-for-tax-debts-providers-that-really-help/ http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/06/credit-for-tax-debts-providers-that-really-help/#respond Wed, 06 Feb 2019 14:51:23 +0000 http://www.dreamnight.cz/2019/02/06/credit-for-tax-debts-providers-that-really-help/



Make a non-binding loan request now – with instant confirmation


Why not spend some more money on your account for your extra wishes or as a financial buffer.


Credit for free use

Credit for free use

  • Start your loan request now (there is no contract yet).
  • After checking your request, the money is already in your account after 4 days.
  • You just have to accept our offer. If not, then not. No hook, no cost.

Getting credit for tax debt is not so easy. The bank already sees with the help of Schufa that tax debts are present and will often reject an application. The higher this sum, the harder it will be to get this loan.

House bank denied a loan – what to do?

Customers who apply to the bank for tax debts often stay in front of closed doors. The debt to the Treasury are serious and reduce the credit rating considerably. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to get the credit. First, even if the prospects are given, the house bank can be thrilled with a guarantor for a loan. A guy with a very good credit rating would vouch for the loan.

We saw this here and thought of you:

We saw this here and thought of you:

Credit at low rates


Credit for tax repayment


Financing for the driver’s license


Credit for wedding celebration


Funding a funeral


However, should the bank rule out the possibility, another way must be found. On the one hand, there is a chance for the borrower to take out a personal loan. Here, the Schufa is not examined, because it is not allowed to private individuals to have the Schufa of other private persons examined.

Unfortunately, this loan often has higher interest rates, which should only be accepted if the applicant can not find a way out. A guarantor could also help lower interest rates. The more the lender feels that he is getting the money back, the easier it will be to get credit for tax debts.

One last option is to choose a loan abroad. Here is an advantage particularly attractive. The lender does not check Schufa, because it works only with German credit companies. So a loan would be possible, but it is quite limited.

The loan amount for banks abroad has a limit. This limit is often 3,500 euros, which can not be exceeded. So who has tax debts in this context, can borrow the credit for tax debts. The applicant must have full legal capacity and an income. After reviewing the information, an application can be made to a credit intermediary.

Securing the credit properly

Securing the credit properly

Loans that can be found on the Internet are often given on the condition that a guarantor is used. If this is found in the family or circle of friends, then a loan can be taken. The credit from abroad is not noted in the Schufa. If the customer needs a installment loan after a short time, this can be taken up normally at the house bank.

Some providers also offer life insurance as collateral. This should only be completed if it only lasts as long as the repayment term. In addition, care should always be taken to ensure that the contract of insurance has not been signed until a credit has been securely granted.


Make a non-binding loan request now – with instant confirmation

Make a non-binding loan request now - with instant confirmation


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Having a certain amount of money ready to be used during a stress you can not ignore is not really obvious. When your car breaks down irretrievably, when you and your family members get sick and the care is only half taken, or at all by social security or your complementary agency or simply when you need a sum of money you do not have not on the moment, you are forced to subscribe to a loan of credit. For the prevention of constraints that may again occur in the future, the effective way is the subscription of a revolving credit. Remains to know the best agency for an effective and satisfactory subscription. Further editorial at expoplantesrares.org

The agencies of Crédit Agricole

The agencies of Crédit Agricole

This is no longer a secret, this bank is in the list of best in all branches of banking. Its services also hold the promise in terms of renewal credit. You can find out more by clicking here, it offers 2 forms of renewal credit given its brands:

  • Agile of Sofinco

As a brand affiliated with Crédit Agricole, Sofinco Agile Credit has the same characteristics and policies conveyed by the parent company. Indeed, if the amount of money you are looking for is in the bar of less than 1500 euros, the agency will be happy to make available to you for a total repayment period of 10 months maximum. Otherwise, if the amount you are looking for if it is above 1500 euros , the agency will propose a repayment period in reference to your capacity as well as to the actual amount of the revolving credit. The Agile de Sofinco is also distinguished by the granting of the visa blue card which can only be the pleasure of those who have it.

  • Free asset

Crédit Agricole also has the Free Asset which is its second form of Renewable Credit. Unlike the first, the credit card it delivers in this second form is called Cart’Lib or Gold Cart’Lib . However, this card does not have the character “visa”, therefore, is only valid on French soil. So, if the purchase or object of your desire is on the other side of the border, this card is not the one for you. Nevertheless, the rate issued by the agency is more affordable compared to those offered by competitors.

The agencies of the Caisse d’Epargne

The savings bank also offers its blue credit card affiliated with a line of discovery under the revolving credit facility. Once you have the card called Izicarte , you just have to pay your purchases or your various fees but also to repay your line of credit via the card. The agency carries a rate policy based on the alignment of the market price. As a result, it is neither too low nor too high compared to competitors. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the card is valid only on the French national territory.

The agencies of the Popular Bank

The agencies of the Popular Bank

You also have the possibility to use the credit line offered by the agencies of the people’s bank. It is in the form of a credit card also called Facelia . In relation to the amount requested by each of the borrowers, the bank makes available to each a maximum amount of overdraft that the latter has the obligation to repay either through a physical payment or a transfer to the account or via a transfer via the card itself. Like the Caisse d’Epargne and Crédit Agricole , the borrowing rate applied by Banque Populaire agencies is also affordable and in perfect alignment with those applied by competitors.

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The particularity of a revolving credit lies in its “renewable” nature . However, be aware that banks or finance companies live for the most part in the interest expense they hold borrowers. So, you have an interest in finding an agency that cares not only for its interest but for yours as well. To do this, you need to approach the best that can only be the 3 establishments mentioned above with their respective offers.


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